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  Volumetric Dispensers

The dosing powder products are necessary and fundamental in all kind of industrial process.

With our twenty-five years of experience, we have been specialized in the design and manufacture of VOLUMETRIC DISPENSERS of a great precision. With an advanced technology we are capable of, with two standard models and a multitude of custom- designed adaptations, to provide the market a wide range and types of dosage to a hundreds of different powder products. They are adaptable, economic, precise, and easy to install, lightly, easy to handle, without maintenance machines. Safety and strong machinery capable of working thousands of hours in any place of the world.

Dosage plus transport of the product dosaged.
The ratios of our dosing machinery are insuperable.
This is a type of specific, genuine concept machinery.
It always has a homogeneous dosage, in a continuous or discontinuous way, it depends on the client deserve. Dosage regulation in Kg. per hour, in gramme per hour, Kg. per pulse, grames per pulse, Kg. or grammes per work cycle.

One machine is capable to handle hundreds of different products with only press a button.

Machines which adapt to every type of work, every process and product. The client neither can not nor must not adapt him to the machine; it is the machine which adapts it on every moment to the establish working place and also to every particular situation.

Please check up on ourselves…
What would you need to dose?............We do it
How?......Like you need it
How much?......And more, and less, if it will be necessary
In what place and where?.......We adapt to your installations more than enough
What kind of place do you have?.....The machine will be set up in small space
And what will you estimate for?..........More than enough

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